“Liaison” in French, means connection and relationship.

Relationship between individuals, and their relationship with CARITA;
Relationship between appearance and inner beauty.
By meeting “Liaison”, yearning for beauty is more than just the bond between a guest and a technician : you would find more attractive and confident self to enjoy your beautiful life – “Liaison” aims to serve for your inevitable “clue of beauty” and pursues its quest of beauty, here in Aoyama, Omotesando.

The pursuit of Perfection, is true “Luxury”.

Professionalism that pursues perfection is the most important thing we’ve learnt from Carita sisters who were the CARITA brand founder, and “creator of beauty”. Our purpose : Being fully concerned about every detail and bringing out the charm that only a person owns without permitting compromise.

“Human qualities are what enhance expertise.”
“No woman is ugly, you just have to find that grain of charm within everyone
and reveal it with your personal touch.”
“A hairstyle must not be rigid. It needs to live and breathe.”


With deep in heart the beauty philosophy of Carita sisters symbolized by these words, Hair and Esthetic Salon, Atelier of beauty “LIAISON”, as “expert of beauty” who proposes haute couture beauty, not only offers customized treatment and beauty products of CARITA, but also promises you
a moment of supreme bliss.



1-5-5 Duras Aoyama 2F Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Tel:03-6450-6995  Fax:03-6450-6996

Please call us before 18:00 for reservation.
Only the clients who made a reservation in advance will be accepted after 18:00.


Week day 10:00~20:00
Wednesday 11:30~21:30
Sat/Sun/Holiday 10:00~19:00
Closed on Monday

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