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■Hair creation
 Cut Blow-dry Hair dressing Color Perm Super straight perm Hair treatment Hair extension (100-400hair)

■Head spa
 Head spa(10min) Head spa(30min) Head spa in the private room(50-60min) Head spa in the private room(80min) Men’s scalp & hair customized care(120min)

■Esthetic treatments
 Basic facial treatment (60-75min) Supreme facial treatment(Le Rénovateur+Face beat dance device 80-90min) Supreme facial treatment(Le Rénovateur+Face beat dance device 110-120min) Supreme facial treatment(without Le Rénovateur 70min) Supreme facial treatment(without Le Rénovateur 90-100min) Full body treatment (Device + Oil massage120min) Full body massage (without oil massage 75min) Full body massage(Oil massage 45min) Option face beat dance quick body (10min) Option Parts body treatment (15-25min) Option Parts body treatment (35-55min) Option parts body oil massage (10-20min)

 Make-up Manicure for hands Gel nail for hands Manicure for foots Gel nail for foots Self-dental whitening

■Health care
 Sensory therapy (First time; 2h30, after second time; 30min)

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1-5-5 Duras Aoyama 2F Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Tel:03-6450-6995  Fax:03-6450-6996

Please call us before 18:00 for reservation.
Only the clients who made a reservation in advance will be accepted after 18:00.


Week day 10:00~20:00
Wednesday 11:30~21:30
Sat/Sun/Holiday 10:00~19:00
Closed on Monday

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